Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reflective Synopsis

My e.Learning journey has been a definite ride. From the day we had our first lecture, I remember sitting there thinking that there was no way in the world that I was going to be able to complete this course, but here I am, and to tell you the truth, I had a lot of fun and learned so much.

There were a few challenges that I faced, but I overcame them. As I am not in a school placement this year, it makes it difficult for me to picture in a classroom environment as my past learning experiences as a prac student, there were no ICT implementation for the students learning what so ever. Sad I know, but with all of us now competent in many different e.Leaning tools, I think that times are going to change.

‘In a world of interactive gadgetry, the following opinions succinctly demonstrate the conflicting attitudes toward interactivity and the conundrum that confronts the implementation of computer-enhanced learning (CEL) environments(Sims, 2009).’The learners can use the e.Learing tools to assist with their learning’s. The learning that occurs in working with the problem enables students to develop new knowledge, as well as further consolidate their existing skills and knowledge (Sims, 2009).

By implementing ICTs into the learning experiences, the students are able to be engaged in the learning’s as it steers away from text book learning. It is suggested that online learning offers a greater contextual environment than that of the classroom (Kupritz, 2009). I think that online learning provides a variety of resources that the learners would really enjoy.

This assessment task was really informative and I have learned so many new tools to use. I cannot wait to incorporate Avatars and Picnik into the learning environment. I also think that GoogleEarth is a fantastic tool with a variety of safe educational learning devices.

I think that Wiki pages are a great idea for individual learning as with the quizzes to monitor the student’s answers and where they are at in the educational point of view. All of the sites that were explored all had some great qualities about them; but the only thing that worried me was privacy issues. Then I began to think, we are trying to control sites and protect the students in the school environment, but the responsibility does at the end of the day rely on the students. As they do have access to other technologies and can access inappropriate sites etc. on their own accord, however, we are in a way hindering their possible education by not allowing the students to access some valuable sources of information that is available to us.

As all students in Australia are entitled to an education, if Uncle Ernie’s holistic approach to Indigenous education were to be installed in all schools, and all grades, and all classrooms; and all students were aware and built a respect for Indigenous Australians, then the Australian population would be aware of the issues faced and hopefully inturn build a respect and form non racist and prejudice approach to these Natives. If we as Learning Managers begin to adopt this holistic approach and steer clear of Western views, to truly understand the culture that is embedded in the history of our country.

By looking at other blogs, I really got the hang of this task. I will take away so many tools and implement them in the classroom environment. I look forward to keeping you posted on other online adventures

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