Wednesday, August 19, 2009

File Storage

My Shape Fun worksheet.

Today i played around with File Storage. I used a free tool called Media Fire. Here, I can upload files to my account and save them. I can then use the URL that it gives me to then transfer my files for access to blogs and wiki pages. I found this tool a very practical tool as I can store all of my work to it and then publish it. ‘Creating a free account lets you easily manage and share all of the files and images you upload to MediaFire at any time from any computer just by logging in to your account (Mediafire, 2009).’
If I were to use this e-learning tool at school, I would need to ensure that all of the students work that was being uploaded disclosed no private information or pictures that would breach confidentiality. As the URLs can be used and accessed by people all around the world, it is a risky tool, yet can have its advantages. I believe it is a good idea to store your work so that it can be accessed anywhere that has the internet, however, once uploaded; anyone can download this and have their very own copy.
As long as no private information was to be disclosed, I believe that it would be fine to use in a classroom situation. The items uploaded can be organised into different files and folders, just like a hard copy; only the files are stored and will always be able to be accessed. I think that this is great for learning managers to use to store their work.
In a classroom scenario, the learning manager could upload different files onto the account and then post them so that the students can access them from home or wherever they have access to a computer. This is also a great tool to use to ensure that parents are informed of the learning’s the students are making and allows for others to access the information for their own personal use.
File storage on the internet links to the ICT Learning Design Model as it uses the three strategies (Ausinfo, 2003).
Learning Tasks: The learners will have clear understanding of the requirements
Learning Resources: The students all have access to the files in and out of school hours.
Learning Supports: The learning manager will be able to upload additional learning experiences to ensure all students are being challenged.
I really want to take photos (with parental permission)of the students completing their cultural stalls and dances and upload them onto my MediaFire so that the parents who are unable to attend the presentation are able to have an insight into their child’s learning’s. I do have mixed feelings about this e-learning tool however, it is great to have a place where files can be accessed at all times and I can control who accesses them. I cant wait to implement this learning tool in the classroom and see what feedback I get from the parents.
Shall let you know

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