Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi all,
I can remember when I was at school and I used to have to carry a floppy disc around to access files, now SlideShare allows you to save it and upload it for others to also view. ‘SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations.- Individuals & organizations upload presentations to share their ideas, connect with others, and generate leads for their businesses.- Anyone can find presentations on topics that interest them. They can tag, download, or embed presentations into their own blogs & websites (NewsAlbum, 2008).’

When applied to the classroom environment, SlideShare would be useful to display visual demonstrations of a Varity of different topics. It could be incorporated and used as a learning tool with almost any topic. You could also upload digital photos taken in the classroom and create learning journeys for the students to view.

I found SlideShare to be difficult to understand and did not really find it engaging. I think that it is a good tool to use though as you can use other slides or create your own. I found a slide about natural disasters and I thought that is was well set out. When uploading my own files from PowerPoint, I could not get the audio to work. This frustrated me as I finally worked out how to do all of these new effects and it did not work on my SlideShare. I think that I need a little more practice.

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