Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music on the Web

Hi all,
I just completed downloading music from incompetech. This e-learning tool provides music that is able to be played as it agrees with the terms of the Creative Commons Agreement (2009). Music that is downloaded off such sites as Limewire does not usually have copywrite on their files as it is not the original work from the original artist. Incompetech on the other hand is a learning tool that can be used without worrying about laws and regulations as all of its music downloads are original pieces.

This is great to use in the classroom, and when I was searching, I could not find any lyrics in the music created. This is great as sometimes lyrics take different mearning to different people and could offend students if used in a classroom situation. I would implement this tool during pack up time, reflective writing, reading and dance/drama because there are many different beats to choose from and moods to set.

As far as engaging the students is concerned, the learners in my class tend to rathersongs rather than percussions. Therefore, the learning manager plays video clips and songs from youtube. An example of this is the song Where is the love, by The Black Eyed Peas (2007).

Well that is my adventure by exploring music on the web,


Creative Commons Agreement (2009). Viewed on 18/08/09 from:

The Black Eyed Peas (2007) Where is the Love? Viewed on 05/08/09 from:

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  1. music is good for both the Learning Manager as well as the students. It gives a sense of comfort and order (Dimension 1), so to able to use music downloads guilt free is, to my ears.
    I'm really enjoying reading your blogs, I feel that I am learning half of my stuff from my everyones blogs. What about you?